What’s inside PYPR?

PYPR uses natural phytonutrients to create its mood enhancement effect developed over four years to ensure both the quality of the product and the integrity of its functionality as a liquid mood enhancer.

In developing PYPR we researched a number of different cultures - from Polynesia to Mesopotamia – looking at the natural herbs and phytonutrients that were used by societies to liberate the mind from worries, promote social interaction and enhance a positive before alcohol became prevalent for this use.

The key active phytonutrient in PYPR is lemon balm that is proven to induce good humour and improve your mood. Lemon balm acts to free the mind from stress and anxiety, creating clarity of thought and promoting social interaction. Lemon balm has a rich tradition of over 400 years of usage during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance being added to wine, incense, water and tonics for these purposes.

It has been praised by writers, scientists and philosophers of the age. Shakespeare even refers to lemon balm in King Lear suggesting it as a remedy to the sorrows and grief of the mad King.

The effects of lemon balm are enhanced by the addition of passionflower, which has a similar proven calming effect on the mind.

The combination of phytonutrients in PYPR has been laboratory proven to significantly reduce cortisol levels in the saliva glands - the best biomarker for stress. Cortisol is the hormone produced by the body when we suffer stress or anxiety.

PYPR is 100% natural with no added sugar, preservatives or chemicals and, of course, no caffeine or taurine. PYPR’s unique flavor is a mix of blackcurrants and pear (43% juice) so it is high in antioxidants. PYPR is made with natural spring water (lightly carbonated).