PYPR is a liquid mood enhancer.

PYPR relieves the mind from anxiety, elevates creativity, imagination and effectively enhances a good mood.

Born in Ibiza, PYPR embodies the freedom of the island.

Freedom from the stress of daily life. Freedom to sing and dance like there is no tomorrow and the freedom to do absolutely nothing at all but enjoy the beauty of the moment.

Reducing stress and anxieties thereby also reducing social anxieties and inhibitions.

PYPR creates the perfect state of mind for socialising with friends, enjoying the moment and partaking in our modern social rituals whether they be dance, song or just banter.

Freeing the mind from the “white noise” of our daily grind.Freeing the mind of the “white noise” of our daily grind.

PYPR stimulates the imagination and gives the mind freedom to roam and play, thereby elevating your creativity.